Damaged… and Forgotten… Driveways.

Randy RallsSummer Fun!

Driveways are often overlooked. We drive and park our cars over them, our children chalk them up, weather beats them down… does it really matter what they look like? Maybe, not really… Suddenly. It’s July Fourth. Everyone’s lawn chairs are spontaneously out and on your driveway. You realize the condition your driveway is at… Take care of your driveway. Professionally … Read More

Summer Beauty in the Ozarks

Randy RallsReal Life, Summer Fun!, Window Cleaning

What a beautiful summer day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are bright, the grass is green, I hear neighbors lawnmowers and children playing and laughing in the street… too bad it’s about 9o degrees with a high humidity. Life is still beautiful through a window pane. Stay safe and cool this summer!

Clean Everytime in the Summertime

Randy RallsReal Life, Summer Fun!

With summer comes heat, with heat comes exhaustion, with exhaustion comes lack of motivation, and lack of motivation comes lack of work. However, Clean Everytime’s summer is not like everyone else’s. Summer time highs of 80-90 degrees comes with 60-70 lows. 4 in the afternoon makes working and being outside unbearable, leaving not only workers exhausted but tourist, consumers, and … Read More

Spring… now Summer?

Randy RallsSummer Fun!

Summer Solstice was just yesterday! Things are new and brighter and well… cleaner! Most of the showers have turned into flowers, windows are displaying beautiful views and playing children. When those showers do come, they play in the rain like there’s no wrong in the world. What’s better than that? Summer summer summer, take that trip and explore the great … Read More

Fun Fun!!

Randy RallsSummer Fun!

Clean Everytime will make your outdoor experience with the family fun again for the summer time! Look down on your family on the deck or patio that was just freshly power washed. Gaze through your shiny windows to see your laughing children play with their cousins.  Watch your tiny nephew gently throwing a bouncy ball against the clean siding. As the … Read More

Summer is Here!

Randy RallsReal Life, Summer Fun!

Summer is officially here! Why not get your business or home windows looking shiny and new for the sunny season? Give us a call!